First Presbyterian Church of Ironton, OH

      Sharing Joy, Fellowship, Community, and the Light of Peace


First Presbyterian Church of Ironton would like to welcome you to our website, our church, and our faithful family. Come visit us, receive our humble hospitality and share in our fellowship and joy in Christ.

Our Sunday Schedule is as follows:

     •  Adult Sunday School:   Sundays 9:15-10:00amSept thru June
     •  Worship:   Sundays begining at 10:30am

           •  Communion on 1st Sundays
           •  Healing Prayer Service on 4th Sundays after Worship
     •  Coffee Hour:   Sundays directly after Worship

     •  Choir Practice:   Wed. 7pm to 8pm  Mid-Sept. thru Father's Day

First Presbyterian is a church with an over 180-year faithful heritage and a desire to serve God faithfully well into the future. We are currently in a time of rebuilding on a strong foundation of positive and capable leadership, especially with Pastor Jan Williams at the helm. Because of our heartfelt belief in God and his son Jesus Christ, our Lord, we endeavor to be a worshiping, prayerful, teaching and serving congregation, ever watchful for ways to help our neighbors at home and afar. We welcome you to join us.

"If you are someone who is exploring your relationship with God, you are welcome here. If you are someone who has church background and is seeking a church home and brothers and sisters with whom to love and serve God, you are welcome here. No matter your circumstances, you are welcome here because we extend invitation in the name of Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church and welcomes Everyone into relationship with our Creating, Redeeming, and Sustaining God". --- With Blessings, Pastor Jan Williams

Prayer of Peace and Faith:
   May today there be Peace within.    May you Trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
   May you not forget the Infinite Possibilities that are born of Faith.
   May you use those Gifts that you have received, and pass on the Love that has been given to you.
   May you be confident knowing you are a Child of God.
   Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your Soul the Freedom to Sing, Dance, Praise and Love.
   It is there for each and Every one of us. --- Mother Theresa

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